Travelling From Vancouver to Toronto by Train

Travelling from Vancouver to Toronto by train is one of the fastest ways to get from the city to the capital. It also offers you a chance to relax and take in the beautiful scenery as you make your way across the country.

Via Rail is Canada’s leading railway company, operating over 400 stations and offering a wide variety of options for travellers. Its services are used by more than a million people every year and it’s a great option for tourists looking to explore different parts of the country.

The Canadian

For those who have always dreamed of seeing the Canadian countryside on a rail journey, you’ll be happy to know that VIA Rail has a spectacular line called “The Canadian”. It connects Toronto’s Union Station and Vancouver’s Pacific Station with destinations in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Jasper, Saskatoon, and more.

The route starts at either Toronto’s Union Station or Vancouver’s Pacific Station and takes you through the breathtakingly beautiful Rockies, across the prairie provinces and into Ontario’s bustling city of Toronto. It’s a true Canadian experience and a must-do for anyone visiting the country.

When travelling from Vancouver to Toronto by train, you’ll need to book tickets well in advance. The best time to buy train tickets is in February or December when there are usually discounts and online specials.

Buying your ticket is simple as you simply need to choose the date of your trip and the duration you want to spend on the train. Then you’ll be able to find the best possible price for your tickets.

There are many different types of fares for your Vancouver to Toronto train journey: Economy, Business, Sleeper Plus and Prestige class, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right one for your needs is essential as you don’t want to be stuck with a bad seat or overpaying for a service you don’t need.

Business and Sleeper Plus classes offer a more comfortable ride, with a larger window to enjoy the scenery. You’ll also have a private bathroom and be able to access all the food, drinks, and amenities offered in the restaurant car (including breakfast and dinner).

In Business class, you can expect a comfortable 2-1-seater with lockable luggage compartments above. In Sleeper Plus you can expect a more spacious 3-seater with a lockable storage compartment below.

The dining car is another place to unwind and enjoy the views of the Canadian countryside as you savour a delicious meal and drink. You’ll be able to sit back and relax in comfort while chatting with fellow passengers or simply watching the scenery go by.

You’ll be greeted by friendly staff and an excellent service on The Canadian. This is a truly nostalgic experience and you’ll be glad to have spent five days aboard this golden-era train, with the sights of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, Prairies and lake country on your side.

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