Tracking a Lone Worker

A lone worker is a worker who performs a task without close or direct supervision. This type of job is often accompanied by risk and may require a risk assessment to ensure their safety. A lone worker is at risk of injury or death, and they should be provided with the appropriate training, protection, and monitoring.


Monitoring lone workers can be a tricky task for any business, but tracking them can be a smart way to keep them safe and in the loop. With a lone worker monitoring system, you can set up automatic check-ins to keep track of your employee. These can replace manual checks in and are also more convenient. Moreover, some monitoring systems offer live updates about the location and status of your lone worker.


Lone workers have particular risks and vulnerabilities because they often work alone. They’re more likely to be a target for attackers and are harder to deescalate a situation. Additionally, many of these workers do not have access to employee safety app appropriate communication tools. According to a survey, 82% of survey participants relied on their mobile phone for communication, and 20% of organizations reported not having safety-critical communication methods in place.

Medical conditions

Lone workers are at risk for a variety of medical conditions. Their work often involves physical and mental stress, and they may have no way of communicating with a colleague. Moreover, their jobs can present unexpected hazards, such as fire or other emergencies. Those who work alone should be trained on emergency procedures and must be aware of any emergency contact numbers.

Lack of supervision

The lack of supervision for lone workers can be a major problem. These workers are often exposed to a variety of dangers and emergencies, including falls, slips, and other situations that require immediate attention. In addition, workers may also face physical and sexual assault. In fact, millions of Americans report workplace violence each year. In 2018, there were over twenty thousand reported assaults, and four hundred and fifty deaths.

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