The Benefits of Winsulator Technologies

For more than 40 years, Winsulator Technologies has helped clients overcome the inefficiencies of their existing windows. Their magnetic secondary glazing inserts provide an acoustic and thermal barrier, resulting in improved comfort, energy savings, and reduced noise levels. This article outlines the benefits of Winsulator, and provides information on its features.

Protects against harmful UV rays

The sun’s rays are not only harmful to your health but can also damage your skin. While spending time outside is good for your mood and vitamin D supply, you should be aware of the risks associated with UV exposure. You can protect your skin by limiting your time in the sun and avoiding tanning beds. UV radiation comes in different wavelengths and the shorter the wavelength, the more harmful it is.

UV rays reach the ground all year round, but their strength varies according to several factors. In particular, people living near a beach or a body of water should take extra care to protect themselves from the sun. Even though water and sand reflect sunlight, UV rays are still able to penetrate them and cause sunburn.

Reduces air infiltration

Air leakage, or air infiltration, is a problem associated with the building envelope. This problem is most common around windows, doors, plumbing vents, wiring, and ducts. The best way to reduce air leakage and eliminate drafts in your home is to seal off these areas. Proper ventilation is also important to ensure the Insulating windows best air quality in your home.

While there are a variety of ways to improve the energy efficiency of an existing building, the most cost-effective method is by reducing air infiltration. Typically, the initial costs of reducing air leakage can be recouped within 0-2 years. The Department of Energy Building Energy Codes Program has published an Air Leakage Guide that offers information on how to seal and reduce air leakage in your building. This guide includes information on infiltration codes, ventilation, and HVAC sizing, case studies, and more.

Reduces energy loss

The “Winsulator” system is a new innovative window system that significantly reduces energy loss in single pane windows. It has earned the seal of certification from Window Energy Systems, a division of the Tennessee Valley Authority. The system reduces the energy consumption associated with windows by as much as 29% and also reduces noise and condensation.

Winsulator’s secondary glazing inserts are virtually invisible. They fit seamlessly into historic structures, while preserving the look of the building.

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