Student accommodation is available in halls of residence

When looking for college student accommodation, you have a few different options. There are halls of residence, private halls, shared rooms, and apartments. The cost of each type of student accommodation can vary widely depending on the institution and location. The following sections will provide you with information about the various types of student accommodation available.

Halls of residence

Student accommodation is available in halls of residence at many universities. These buildings can be furnished with shared or private facilities, and many offer services such as cooking facilities, linen and cleaning. In addition, some universities offer studio flats that can accommodate two people. Typically, these rooms have shared bathroom facilities and are shared with other residents. Students should contact the accommodation office to find out if such facilities are available.

Private halls

Private halls are a great choice if you’re looking student accommodation for a high-quality, student-friendly place to live. They offer more amenities than a standard university hall, including state-of-the-art facilities and more private spaces. Many private halls also have state-of-the-art gyms, games rooms, cinema rooms, and stylish communal areas. Many private halls even have TV licences.

Shared rooms

Shared rooms in student accommodation are a popular option for students in college. They offer lower rent and a variety of shared amenities. In addition, the roommates will split the costs of food and supplies. In some cases, roommates share the costs of living expenses, such as transportation.


When searching for an apartment, a student is going to want a good location. Students typically choose a neighborhood near campus or one that is quiet. The distance from school and other amenities is a big factor for young renters. Some students may want to live on campus, but many will also consider how far they want to live from a downtown bar or nightlife spot. When looking for an apartment, it is helpful to ask the landlord if they have a video tour available. This video tour should highlight the most attractive sites surrounding the property.


Rooms for student accommodation come in a variety of styles. Some are private and include a private bathroom, while others are shared. Private rooms have their own entrance and are more secluded than shared bathrooms. Shared rooms may have multiple beds and share common spaces, such as a kitchen, living room, and bathroom.


Homestays are an excellent choice for students looking for affordable, comfortable accommodation. They are usually run by a family who provide all the basic services, including changing bed linen. The homestays also offer a choice of meal plans. The meal plans can be self-catering, bed-and-breakfast or full board. The latter option is often preferred by students who attend daytime classes.

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