Moving to Australia to work in general practice

Moving to Australia to work in general practice can be a great opportunity for medical professionals who have a global network. But it also brings with it many challenges. There are some changes to the GP contract that may require some adaptations, but there are many benefits as well. Read on to find out more about what you can expect.


General practice doctors (GPs) are at the heart of the NHS and our communities, providing over 360 million consultations a year. They diagnose physical and social problems, and work in a variety of settings. Here are some tips for moving from overseas. First, know what you are signing up for.

The NHS is increasingly diverse, and thousands of overseas-trained GPs are working in its ranks. These doctors bring new perspectives and skills to the workforce. You should plan ahead and ensure you can find a new position when your current visa is due to expire.


Moving from private practice to general practice may be a daunting experience. However, there are a number of strategies doctors can use to make theĀ GP Jobs Australia transition easier. Firstly, doctors should seek the advice of other medical practitioners who have practiced in the region and country of their choice. Such advice can be valuable in determining if the work environment is suitable.

GPs should consider whether their competencies will be transferable to the UK practice environment. The report found that the most transferable competencies were personal attributes, skills to work with diverse groups of people, and clinical care.

Changes to the GP contract

The BMA has expressed its disappointment with changes to the GP contract for general practice doctors who move to England from overseas. NHS England today published details of the changes, which will come into effect on 1 April. It is unclear if the BMA will endorse the changes. The BMA and NHS England first began talks on the new contract in January. They discussed issues such as general practice support and pandemic recovery.

The new contract will affect around 36,000 GPs working under the GMS contract but will not affect about a quarter of GPs working under the PMS scheme. Both GMS and PMS contracts are likely to have some convergence, including quality targets.


The NHS is determined to fill the GP vacancies but there have been some criticisms of its plans. Many doctors have expressed their disappointment at being asked to perform administrative work that does not require a medical degree. Furthermore, many doctors have expressed their dissatisfaction with the pay they receive for this type of work, which is far below the level of their expertise and sacrifice.

In some cases, doctors are choosing to move abroad to avoid the bureaucracy of the UK’s revalidation process. During this process, doctors must go through several checks to keep their licence. A recent article cited a recruitment agency in Perth, Western Australia, which offers three positions for consultant radiologists at PS250,000.

Adjustment problems

The study of adjustment problems experienced by general practice doctors moving from overseas is limited in that it is only a qualitative one and cannot generalise to all medical professionals. It also includes only a small sample of respondents from different cultural backgrounds. In addition, it was conducted in an interview format, which may have biased the findings. In this type of study, the participants were more willing to talk about their experiences, which could suggest that some of them had more difficulty adjusting to the UK regulatory environment.

For doctors who have qualified outside the European Economic Area (EEA), adjustment to their new practice in the UK can be difficult. They are unfamiliar with the UK’s regulatory and ethical framework, which can make it difficult to adjust to the British system. They may also face language barriers, which can lead to a sense of isolation. It is important that non-EEA doctors receive adequate training and support prior to their registration.

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