Group Homes Australia is a private residence model of care

Group Homes Australia is a private residence model of care that helps people with a wide range of complex health care needs live independently. Their homes provide 24-hour nursing care, dementia care, and palliative and respite care. They have a resident-to-staff ratio of about 1:3. They are more affordable than supported living and offer more services.

Group Homes Australia is a private residence model of care for people with complex health needs

Group homes are private residences that provide care for people with Group Homes Australia complex health needs. Residents are often referred to as residents, although the term may have a different meaning depending on the circumstances. These homes are governed by a private certifier who does not need council approval. In addition, group homes must be designed to accommodate people with disabilities. However, not all sites are suitable for group homes, so developers must carefully consider these limitations before beginning the development process.

It offers respite, dementia and high care

Group Homes Australia is a registered home care provider that provides high-quality dementia, respite, and high-care services. The care is provided by a team of qualified homemakers. Residents are housed in private bedrooms and have access to multiple living spaces and outdoor leisure settings. Homemakers focus on the abilities of residents and encourage daily activities. Residents are also encouraged to participate in weekly outings and hobbies.

It has a resident to staff ratio of 1:3

Group Homes Australia is a private provider of home care services in Sydney. It provides approved home care packages with the assistance of registered nurses, social workers and homemakers. It has close to 100 staff members, and plans to expand its services throughout Sydney. Group Homes Australia operate under a model adapted from the disability sector. Residents are grouped in small groups of six to ten and share a home. Residents receive personal care and clinical care in addition to activities.

It is a social hub

Group Homes Australia, an innovative model for residential aged care, aims to provide high-quality care and promote community inclusion through a unique and personalised model. The homes are staffed with qualified homemakers, social workers and registered nurses who provide 24 hour care for residents. Registered nurses and other allied health professionals are also on-call around the clock. Group Homes are designed to provide a one-to-three staff-to-resident ratio.

It has a mobile app

A new app has been launched by Group Homes Australia. It allows carers to update residents’ profiles without disrupting care. It also helps social workers to collaborate with clinicians and families to provide the best care for residents.

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