Can you build your own rally car?

The car enthusiasts who compete at the top level of motorsport have an incredible amount of money to spend on their cars. For those who want to get in on the ground floor and build their own rally car, there are a few things they need to keep in mind.

Rally cars require a few different upgrades compared to normal racing cars. This is because they need to be able to withstand an enormous range of impacts that they might face during a rally stage. Rally stages are much rougher than race tracks, and they can be made up of dips, large rocks, and jumps that could cause serious damage to the vehicle if not properly prepared for. A typical modern WRC car requires a roll cage, upgraded suspension, and a powerful braking system in order to handle the high speeds that are often reached during a rally stage.

As a result, the cost of building your own rally carĀ bygga rallybil will often be considerably more than just taking a regular road-going sportscar and adding some extra parts to it. For example, a new roll cage will add a significant amount of cost to the build, and upgrading the suspension will likely require more money than just adding sway bars and coilovers. The engine will also need to be built up to be able to cope with the increased stresses that are placed on it during a rally. Adding a turbocharger and modifying the exhaust will probably significantly increase the price of a build as well.

There will be other costs involved in the build that may not be as obvious, but still have a big impact on the overall cost. For example, a good rally car needs specific tires that are specifically designed to perform on different surfaces like gravel, snow, or sand. These can be fairly expensive, as they need to have a high traction rating in order to drive fast over rough terrain.

A set of seats that meet a certain standard will also need to be purchased, and these are usually quite costly too. This is because they are required to be lightweight in order to save weight, and they also need the proper fixings for the harnesses that will be fitted. The total cost for a set of seats and their fixings is usually around $1500.

All of this might be enough to put you at the $15,000 minimum that you will need for a basic rally car, but it will still be nowhere near the price of a professional rally car used in competitions like the WRC. In the end, it is important to remember that while horsepower is very important in rallying, driver skill and experience will be far more valuable than any expensive modification that you can make to your car. If you are willing to work hard and learn the ropes, you will find that a basic 2wd car will actually be a pretty decent platform to start your rally career on.

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