Acacia Wood Furniture – Pros and Cons

There are a lot of pros and cons of buying acacia wood furniture. It is water-resistant and antimicrobial. Acacia wood is also very durable. If you are unsure whether acacia wood furniture is right for you, read on to find out the facts. You may be pleasantly surprised at how well acacia wood furniture can last for decades! But, if you’re still not convinced, read on for a few more pros and cons.

acacia wood is a hardwood

One of the most commonly used woods for furniture is acacia wood. This hardwood is known for its durability and can support heavy loads without bending out of shape. Acacia trees grow up to 82 feet tall and can produce long pieces of furniture from a single piece of wood. This makes acacia a great choice for both residential and commercial uses. This wood is also environmentally friendly and can be sourced sustainably.

It is water-resistant

Acacia wood furniture is water-resistant, but it does need acacia wood furniture extra care when used outdoors. While acacia is less likely to sustain damage from water than aluminum, it is still required to be cleaned and maintained properly to keep its appearance and longevity. Here are some maintenance tips for acacia outdoor furniture:

It is antimicrobial

If you’re wondering if Acacia wood furniture is antimicrobial, you’re in luck! This antimicrobial material is very easy to maintain. Unlike other woods, this type is resistant to most common household cleaners. Cleansing acacia furniture is simple and easy to do. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth and oil it to bring out the natural color and sheen. Never use silicone treatments on acacia wood furniture. If you’re worried about the wood getting dirty, never place it near a heater. This can lead to warping and fading.

It is durable

The maintenance of Acacia wood furniture is easy. Clean it using a soft cloth dipped in warm water and soap. To restore its color and sheen, apply oil or silicone treatments. Avoid cleaning the furniture with silicone treatments and ammonia-based cleaners, as these can dry out the wood. Similarly, avoid placing the furniture next to a heater or radiator. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause cracking and fading of the finish. Clean it regularly.

It is affordable

Acacia wood is a sustainable resource that grows widely. Although this hardwood is more expensive than other woods, it is a long-lasting choice that will retain its beauty for decades. It is easy to care for, and the wood dries to a hard surface. Nevertheless, it does require regular waxing, which will not prevent cracks. You can also find inexpensive pieces on sale for less than $100.

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